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Words. Lots and lots of words. For the last few years, Typography and Word Art have been huge, and it looks like they aren’t going anywhere soon. Signage, coasters and printed fabric and furniture can add a lot of whimsy to your decor. Dictionaries define typography as “the art or process of printing with type.” Pretty basic, nothing too descriptive here. So what are we talking about when we talk about Typography home decor?
The answer is quite varied. Basically: anything with words or writing on it falls into the category of Typography. Handwriting patterns, typeface, and mixtures of both make for an endless supply of designs to choose from. From very Vintage to ultra Modern and every motif in between there are typography options for everyone.
Of course, like all trends there are quite a few don’ts with this one if you want your designs to be chic and long-lasting. Stay away from the super trendy and common phrases. In a couple of years “Keep Calm and Carry On” printed everything will go out. “Never go to bed without kissing me goodnight” wooden signs will be a thing of the past. And pillows with phrases like “Namast’ay in Bed,” “Peace” or anything referencing wine will be out of date.

Typography “How To”

So how do you incorporate type and wording into your home without being tacky? I’ve outlined a few guidelines below to help you get started.

Go Vintage

Vintage typography works well with a lot of different decor styles. Pulling cues and motifs from history these pieces are sure to be a long-lasting addition to your space. Whether it be an industrial loft, a modern farmhouse, or an eclectic glam penthouse, Vintage Type decor will fit right in.

Looking to be more authentic? Check out your local flea markets and salvage yards for one of a kind finds. My personal home favorite is a salvaged print screen I inherited from my father. It adds so much character and uniqueness to my dining room, and it is a great conversation starter.Typography Silk Print Screen

Go Minimal

Typography prints can very quickly become overwhelming. Less is often best. While you could buy the entire line of wordy bath items, a single soap pump will stand out more and be less obnoxious. And if you aren’t into artwork with kitschy phrases, try a more simple print of a typewriter or typeset.

Go Personalized

Keeping with simple, initials can be a great, low-key way to add some Typography to your decor. Coasters, simple wall hangings and fun pillows with personalizations add meaning and fun.

Use Sparingly

You may be wondering why I chose larger furnishings for my add sparingly section. The answer? To demonstrate that sparingly doesn’t have to mean small and unobtrusive. It just simply means sparingly. Go ahead and indulge in the printed bedding set, but don’t get the matching curtains and the phrase artwork to go with it. Add a couple of printed dining chairs, but mix them in with solid and textural choices. Go ahead and get that fun kitchen sign-just don’t get all of the kitchen signs, and bathroom signs, and family room signs… you get my drift.

Typography prints done right can be a long-lasting and unique addition to your home decor. Personalized items add meaning. Vintage items provide historical allure. Fun stand out pieces can completely update and change the focal point within a space. However you choose to add Typography, pick what you love and what speaks to you. Don’t add that cutesy “Excuse the mess, my children are making memories” sign just because it is in vogue. Stay true to your style and you can’t go wrong.

Smiles, Shannon

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44 comments on “Typography Home Decor: How to Do It Right”

  1. This is really helpful decor advice! I love typography, but you’re so right that you have to be careful not to get carried away. I know I sure would if I could get away with it 😉

  2. These are great tips! I love using typography decor in my bedroom and the entrance to my foyer. I only have “welcome” and “je t’aime” typography, but would like to use it more often.

  3. Good advice! I do agree that if you have too much wordy stuff in one room of your house, that it can get overwhelming and cluttery feel. However, if it is restricted to one or two areas of a room, it feels better. I love word art! I have several in my room (Probably too much though lol, but I LOVE words!)

  4. Thanks for your Typography post. I am in on this. I have for a long time liked the idea of having some individual/interesting and thought-provoking in print on my wall. I like the vintage idea. In my list of To do’s! Thanks!

  5. I am crazy for typography in decor!!! I want a chaise in our newest bedroom that covered in calligraphy, but of course I also want the words to mean something to me, not just random romantic scrawling. The search begins!

  6. Really great tips, and so interesting. I wouldn’t have thought I would like this, and after seeing your pictures and reading this blog, I fell in love with this idea! Thank you.

  7. I always go nuts at Homegoods because I love all their typography signs! But, I have to refrain because you are right about using it sparingly!

  8. I love a good font. Typography is wonderful but i do struggle with not overdoing it or knowing the best places to show it off. Thanks for the advice.

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