Welcome to Shannie Chic! Home of the simple, well-styled, and the handmade! I’m Shannon, the head, and heart behind this endeavor. I live for the do-it-yourself and the beautiful and I am here to help you create a life you love!

My Story-The Short Version

I grew up spending the weekdays in the city of Minneapolis and the weekends in the woods of Wisconsin which was the perfect scenario to fuel my eclectic tastes and hobbies. My style has always been fueled by a love of the classics coupled with a flair for fashion.

After high school, I headed off to the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Like most 18-year-olds I showed up, without a major or solid direction. I was left to wandering a huge campus and contemplating my future place in the world. I considered many options. In the end, my affinity for design and architecture and my love of crafting won out. I found my home at the School of Human Ecology and quickly settled on an Interior Design major. I paired my major with Certificates in Business (at my mother’s insistence) and Textile Science, and I continue to use that formal education every day in my career in the commercial furniture industry.

Outside of work I put my bag of skills to work as a young homeowner and DIY-er who is always looking for inspiration and the next project to dig my hands into. Call me an old-fashioned Millennial, but I love to create and do things with my own two hands. I find so much happiness in the act of making things like a great meal to share, a handmade item for a special occasion, or a new table for my own living roomI pursue a back-to-basics approach to trends while dabbling in all sorts of design and lifestyle endeavors. I look forward to sharing those adventures with you here on my blog. 

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